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Finally The Book Your Cosmetic Dentist Doesnt Want You To Read!!

To anybody considering investing their hard earned cash in cosmetic dentistry please consider investing the $20 in this book and potentially save yourself $1000s and also your teeth!!!!

As a dental care professional I was so excited to finally get this book. Not only did I order it for myself but I also got copies for the other dentists I work with and for our support staff. It is a must read. Has your dental care professional read it? Has your dental care professional offered it to you to read?

As a dentist I always felt my primary duty of care was to assist my patients to conserve their teeth and protect their smiles for as long as possible. I dream of dental nirvana when I can go to work and the dental drill can stay safely in the cupboard far away from my patient's teeth. Yet there is a body of cosmetic dentists who look at your unsuspecting innocent teeth with an evil eye and see them perhaps slightly misaligned, slightly misshapen or that the colour is not quite the right shade of brightest white. Their solution - get the drill out, remove the enamel and replace it with porcelain. Hello. When did porcelain become superior to beautiful natural tooth enamel????

Dr Michael Zuk's book is written to enlighten and educate patients. It takes a serious subject and makes it entertaining. Many dental care professionals will secretly agree with the author's opinions included in this book. Having remained silent not wanting to "cause trouble" for their colleagues they will welcome the many secrets revealed in the book becoming public. Of course, patients should not avoid dental care. However, "Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist" will make patients aware of the dangers and myths within the cosmetic dental business.

Do you know what questions to ask your cosmetic dentist? This book takes you through the process and gets you to ask the most important question. "Doc, if I was your son or daughter........?"

If this book changes how one overly agressive cosmetic dentist practices or if it stops one patient from doing treatment they shouldn't, many smiles may be saved and Dr Michael Zuk and "Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist" will have done the Dental Profession a great service.


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